A comprehensive, intuitive and modern solution for managing all aspects of your locate requests.

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LocateAccessTM offers a dynamic, user-friendly approach to managing locate requests. Sorting, editing and dispatching has never been easier.


Streamline Workflow

Advanced Routing Capability

Enables locators to easily organize and schedule jobs using multiple key performance factors like route by time or route by priority.


Query Builder

Create, schedule and extract all types of reports and information from your system. Export raw data directly to Excel for easy manipulation.


Photographic Locate Evidence

Automatically stamps on-site locate pictures with key information: Date/Time, GPS coordinates, Address and Ticket Number.


Organize and Dispatch Automatically

The system automatically organizes locators' workload based on territories. Operators and supervisors can modify workloads and customize settings. Flexibility is key.


Disconnected Mode

Complete your work worry-free in areas with spotty WIFI or LTE service. The system automatically syncs to the ticket database when within range of a network.

Locator Tracking

Mobile and Location Aware

Live GPS tracking of all devices, vehicles and Locators in the field.

Map/Sketch Tool

User Friendly Interface

The system allows to view the locators' workload and backlog directly on the map, allowing users to draw the markings directly on a dig site picture, a Google street view or a member's network.



    Introducing LocateAccess - Manage all aspects for locate requests with a single service

    See in detail the comprehensive, intuitive and modern solution, LocateAccess, which will manage all aspects of your locate requests. Access granted.