Local Government Authorities

"PelicanCorp assist with changing the face of operations for the protection of government owned essential infrastructure"

From asset protection, works collaboration, permit management, to automating own processes for works management, Local Government Authorities globally find the PelicanCorp platform assist with changing the face of operations for the protection of their essential infrastructure.

PelicanCorp are committed to strengthening relationships with Local Government, road controlling authorities and all asset owning government bodies to assist them with upholding service commitments and improving the way they protect essential infrastructure.

Government Authorities across the globe choose the software and services offered from PelicanCorp because:

  • We are a global company focused on Asset Protection, Damage Prevention and Business Continuity
  • We provide end to end support capability – we can deal with responses in their entirety for the authority
  • We have proven robust hosted solutions supporting very large clients
  • We supply automated solutions to Government Authorities globally, bringing extensive industry knowledge
  • We operate an independently rated service center with very high customer satisfaction results – this is the face of your organization when there are queries
  • Multi-Award Winning supplier of choice

Solutions for Government Authorities



Automated One Call enquiry ticket screening, workflow and response management solution.

One Call service members respond to large numbers of asset location inquiries - often requiring valuable time and resources.



Provide direct access for ‘Excavation’ and ‘Non-Excavation’ permit applications

PermitAccess provides an end-to-end cloud solution for Applicants and Permit Authorities to apply for, review and approve permit requests.



Online collaboration solution to share, plan, schedule and forecast public and utility works

WorksAccess is the meeting place for Utilities, Municipalities and Road Authority works.