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Professional Training in Subsurface Mapping, Improved Data Quality and Digital Workflows

Irvine, California – January 11, 2024   PelicanCorp, the global leader in the damage prevention industry, is excited to announce the Educational Affiliate Program for Geolantis.360, the next-generation cloud-powered high-precision utility mapping & management platform for contractors, locators and the utility industry. PelicanCorp is working with two companies, Bigman Geophysical and Blue Orb Technologies, to provide comprehensive training in North America. The shared goal is the further education of construction workers for the protection of crews and underground assets.

The premier GIS spatial mapping platform in the damage prevention industry, Geolantis.360™ is engineered to streamline workflows, enabling users to quickly and securely access and update data from the field or office, rather than delaying updates until users return to the office. This improved workflow delivers up-to-date, accurate data the moment it’s needed, resulting in improved accuracy as well as protection for underground assets and worker safety.

“The Educational Affiliate Program covers the latest technologies like Geolantis.360 that have the power to improve and support damage prevention efforts,” said Denny Michael, Chief Marketing Officer, PelicanCorp. “We’re excited to launch this program in the use of Geolantis’ cloud-based GIS and mapping capabilities. Technologies for our industry are rapidly advancing. We want to ensure everyone has access to effective training in their use.”

The Geolantis.360 cloud-based platform delivers:

  • Easy mapping / surveying of assets
  • Immediate visualization on maps
  • Comfortable attribute forms for fast data entry and higher data quality
  • Direct check of mapping results in the map window: What you see is what you get!
  • Syncs data automatically to Geolantis.360 CLOUD interface and with all other Geolantis.360 mobile clients within the enterprise, allowing the export of data from any web-browser

“One of the features I love most about Geolantis.360 is the smooth and easy workflow from start to finish,” said Dan Bigman, President, Bigman Geophysical LLC. “You can put this software into practice almost immediately with new users and field technicians, even if they have no prior experience with GIS mapping. We decided to partner with PelicanCorp because of their focus on the customer experience, both from a service perspective and user interface. Focusing on what is right and useful for the customer is what Bigman Geophysical prides itself on and we found alignment in our mission with the people at PelicanCorp.” 

Training sessions will cover all aspects of Geolantis.360, including how digital accuracy increases revenue while improving efficiency, the hidden benefits of EWL, and the biggest mistakes that result in lost opportunities for One Call members. The Educational Affiliate Program is designed to assist all stakeholders in understanding and staying mindful of procedures and best practices to significantly reduce the risk of damages while protecting our workplaces, communities, environment, and lives.

“I have helped several utilities and telecom companies build comprehensive solutions through GIS technology,” said Terry Brock, CEO and Founder, Blue Orb Technology. “Having correct information in the field on a real-time interval is key to safety for all involved. Geolantis.360 has proven to be a viable solution for utilities in collecting accurate data in the field and at the same time establishing work-force management. The real-time processing of the RTK GNSS in this software is particularly impressive. The elimination of post-processing GPS data is a complete time-saver and eliminates the massive learning curve of post-processing geo-located points. Through educational outreach, Blue Orb Technology is in a position to help PelicanCorp customers take full advantage of Geolantis.360 capabilities.”

Pelican Corp has a worldwide reach through its technologies, helping utilities find solutions for their customers. Blue Orb Technology and Bigman Geophysical share the mission of helping customers better understand their data from a Geographic Information Systems perspective. 

About Blue Orb Technologies

Founded in 2019, Blue-Orb Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified software outsourcing agency. Blue-Orb Inc. is an innovative partner for the world’s small and medium enterprises and pioneering start-ups engaged in diverse business sectors, helping them broaden their online presence by providing them excellent GIS, Remote Sensing & Web Mapping Services. Learn more at

About Bigman Geophysical

Bigman Geophysical, LLC supplies specialty technology, training, calibration, and support for remote sensing, mapping, subsurface utility detection, structural and building inspection, and materials testing. Bigman Geophysical regularly collaborates with customers in underground locating, mapping and analysis. Learn more at

About PelicanCorp 

PelicanCorp is the Global Leader in Damage Prevention Solutions built specifically for the protection of essential infrastructure. PelicanCorp connects people, applications, and devices through a unified platform to help industry professionals manage risk and build quality projects—safely, on time, and within budget. PelicanCorp has a diversified business model built on 40 years of experience protecting billions of dollars of global assets. PelicanCorp is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices and operations around the globe. Learn more at or follow PelicanCorp on LinkedIn

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