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PelicanCorp: bringing Safety and Protection to the Worlds Essential Infrastructure


Works planning

Online collaboration to share, plan and schedule forecasted public and utility works. Designed as the meeting place for Owners of Utility infrastructure and Road Controllers/Owners; such as Councils and Road Authorities.

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OneCall(DBYD) Responses

Automatically collate utility responses from OneCall (DBYD) systems into a single pack of requested plan information, from each member of DBYD, that can be delivered immediately to the Requesters inbox.

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Automated Plan Response

Software and managed services to provide rapid DBYD responses from the Infrastructure asset owners back to the plan requestors, who are looking for buried essential infrastructure in or around their requested dig sites.

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Approval systems for Permitting

End to end cloud solution for contractors and road owners to collaborate and communicate on obtaining permits. A Service that assists contractors to comply with their obligations whilst digging in a road corridor.

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What we do.

PelicanCorp is a niche provider of software and services to Utilities, Asset owners and to the Before You Dig industry specifically for the 'Protection of Essential Infrastructure'. Our team has over 38 years of experience working with Utilities, Before You Dig services and Local Authorities in helping provide efficient software solutions to increase awareness, improve information exchange and to re-engineer processes to deliver day to day benefits to the industry as a whole.

Our unique technology platforms are developed through extensive industry knowledge and market experience. We have customers around the world using our platforms, and we use our own OneCall platform of products to deliver services such as beforeUdig and in Australia:- Dial Before You Dig (DBYD).

PelicanCorp Solutions






"We are excited to be bringing out this innovative range of Solutions for investors in Essential Infrastructure. The technology involved in automating and streamlining processes within Utilities and Municipalities has been a big challenge but the set of solutions we have available Globally today is leading edge".

Duane Rodgers, CEO PelicanCorp



OneCallAccess is a fully managed One Call Operations Management solution for e-Ticket and Call Centre operations. Hosted by PelicanCorp in a high availability cloud environment, it manages all one call tickets from any location any time leveraging modern web and mobile based technologies.
OneCallAccess provides a set of tools for any One Call operation to support its obligations to its members from GIS data updates, marketing and email campaigns.

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Tailor your DBYD response to meet your business rules, based on the assets identified within your own GIS data and/or information received from DBYD. TicketAccess will handle your requirements whether there are high or low risk assets, or proposed assets.
TicketAccess provides a comprehensive automated and exceptional handling service to directly respond to contractors on your behalf, all within minutes.

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A Cloud based service that automatically collates utility responses from DBYD requests into a single pack.
Users of PlanAccess can download their DBYD responses as a single communications package with a single click.
Frequent users of the DBYD service have constantly struggled with the need to manage the individual asset location responses received from the utilities and asset owners. The number of responses (including maps, plans and instructions) and the large file sizes mean that asset location plans can be misplaced, are not widely available to access or fill up the requestor’s inbox quickly.

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CorridorAccess provides an online portal to process Road Opening Notices that allow access to Corridors like Highways, Motorways, Main Roads, minor roads, parks, waterways and Rail lines.
These corridors have primary uses, and during the planning and coordinating of events there needs to be a coordinated approach to closing and maintaining safety around these corridors.
To date, the requirement to apply for a CAR (Corridor Access Request) has been a separate process to the requesting of plans via the DBYD service.
To assist contractors in complying with this requirement, DBYD has introduced a new feature entitled Permit Monitor combining the current process of lodging your DBYD enquiry and having to apply separately for a Permit.

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WorksAccess brings together all the parties involved in Public Works with the aim of reducing the number of road openings, reducing the cost involved in road openings and improving the ability to schedule works. WorksAccess provides online access to registered public works from Utilities and Main road owners and Municipalities.In planning and coordinating your public works project a number of issues may face your organisation. In managing and maintaining public infrastructure having visibility on the activities of others working around these arrests becomes critical. The issue is how do you share this information, how do you enable asset owners to share and exchange information about public works activities easily.

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