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PelicanCorp Presents Multiple Tech Talks on New and Emerging Technologies at 2022 Global ESC Conference

Irvine, California – February 28, 2022  PelicanCorp, the global leader in the damage prevention industry, is scheduled to present multiple Tech Talks at the 2022 Global Excavation Safety Conference (ESC) in Phoenix, Arizona, March 1-3, at the Phoenix Convention Center. The ESC Conference, a yearly forum, features education for all stakeholder groups committed to damage prevention and excavation safety.

“We are committed to informing our industry about the latest technologies for preventing damage to underground infrastructure, optimizing workflows, and boosting safety,” said Duane Rodgers, CEO, PelicanCorp. “We’re all excited to exchange the latest news, developments, and technology changes that will impact the surging investments in infrastructure around the world. The ESC Conference presents a unique opportunity to meet with global damage prevention industry professionals.”

Duane Rodgers will be presenting One Call Systems - Changes Below the Horizon, on the opening day of the Conference, Tuesday, March 1. Three additional PelicanCorp executives, Thomas Young, VP Sales North America, Jason Manning, Business Development Manager, and Michael Pegam, Sales Director, will be speaking at three 30-minute Tech Talk sessions in the PelicanCorp Courtyard, scheduled throughout the Conference:

  • One Call Systems: Big Changes Below the Horizon. The Impact of Changing Technology on One Call Systems
    – Tuesday, March 1, 12:30 PM, Room 104A
  • How Technology Can Address Current Trends and Future Needs of Damage Prevention
    – Wednesday, March 2, 9:30 AM, PelicanCorp Courtyard
  • Are Your Locators Coming Back Empty-Handed?
    – Wednesday, March 2, 10:30 AM, PelicanCorp Courtyard
  • How Utilities Can Win Big by Adopting White Lining
    – Thursday, March 3, 8:00 AM, PelicanCorp Courtyard

These sessions cover trending topics surrounding the latest technologies that have the power to improve and support damage prevention efforts, including how digital accuracy increases revenue while improving efficiency, the hidden benefits of EWL, and the biggest mistakes that result in lost opportunities for One Call members.

“Networking with industry peers and adding our voice to the conversation is the best way for PelicanCorp to share the resources and best practices we’ve gathered from our global experience,” said Denny Michael, Chief Marketing Officers, PelicanCorp. “Collaboration and the sharing of new technologies are vital to the underground asset damage prevention industry."

Beginning in 2004, the Global Excavation Safety Conference was created to fill a need in the underground utility industry: provide a trusted central source for damage prevention, public awareness expertise, and solutions for the utility and excavation industries. Founded by owner and producer, Infrastructure Resources, LLC, the ESC Conference is dedicated to transforming the damage prevention industry through shared knowledge and educational tools, with the goal of assisting all stakeholders in understanding and staying mindful of procedures and best practices to significantly reduce the risk of damages while protecting our workplaces, communities, environment, and lives.

Registration is open for the 2022 Global Excavation Safety Conference online at

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