OneCallAccess APITM
Automate the submission process for One Call users

The OneCallAccess API is a web service which provides organisations a simple and cost effective method to integrate their business processes with their One Call service.

The automation provided by the API is controlled by you and the system that you integrate with for submitting jobs, resulting in significant savings of both time and resources.


Workflow optimisation

Customise your workflow

Trigger One Call enquiry submissions at pre-defined points in existing workflows based upon your business rules.


Automated responses

Remove manual intervention from One Call submissions through the automation of the process.

Reduce costs

Save time. Save money.

Eliminate the manual effort required for submitting enquiries, resulting in significant cost reduction.


Safer for you. Safer for users.

API utilises per-user enquiry based authentication run via an encrypted channel.

Data Integrity

Eliminate double handling

Maintain data integrity by capturing data once to remove manual re-keying.


Works with your existing systems

Seamlessly integrate the source of your One Call enquiries, i.e. works management/planning systems directly with the One Call system.

How does OneCallAccess API work?

OneCall Access API



Automation of workflow

Linking works management systems (or the source of your One Call enquiry) to the One Call service with the OneCallAccess API creates a streamlined and controlled process based upon your own business rules. For example: at a pre-determined time a One Call enquiry can be automatically triggered prior to works commencing, ensuring adherence to OH&S standards, protecting your staff and assets.

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