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Early warning for your business. Loss prevented.

haloIQ is a service that defines a virtual boundary, a ‘halo’, around business critical sites and sends notifications of impending works within that boundary. haloIQ provides an interface for users to manage their actions to maintain their business continuity.

The true cost of downtime in any business goes well beyond direct costs. It includes lost revenue, reputational damage, third party loses, asset risk and life safety. Prevention is always better than recovery. With haloIQ operators of mission critical and high consequence businesses receive the earliest possible warning of potential threats, allowing early intervention before an incident occurs.



Asset protection

haloIQ analyses incoming data feeds to detect a threat to your critical services and assets.


Life safety

Directly, and indirectly, quality of life and actual lives depend on your business operating.


Business continuity

A proactive approach to business continuity, with forewarning of events that may impact operation and cause downtime.




    Proactively managing risks around your essential data centre services in the Digital Age

    The availability of Critical Infrastructure is vital to the continuity of essential services, ongoing public confidence and business prosperity.

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  • Macquarie Telecom adopt haloIQ as a key risk management specialist solution for their data centres

    Macquarie Telecom applies proactive measures to mitigate all risks associated with operating their complex, high availability, mission critical Intellicentres. The haloIQ product plays an important role in providing prior knowledge of external subterranean works by persons outside of our direct management, that may have an impact on external services (Power, water, Communications) that connect to our facilities.

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“Average cost of data centre downtime was approximately US$5,600 per minute”

The consequences of an outage in telecommunication and data centres goes far beyond lost revenues potentially amounting to thousands of dollars per minute. Service disruption can materially impact your business’ profitability, impact your customers‘ business, and risk critical public services reliant on your business. Business continuity is paramount to preserving your business’ reputation and future revenues.



“In an outage a typical large shopping mall may lose US$350,000 per hour in revenues”

Loss of power or data within the retail environment can have a range of effects on both individual businesses and centre operators. Loss of power or EFT services affects tenants’ take and profitability, and stock shrinkage levels spike during evacuations. Business reputation, public liability, and future revenues are impacted by any outage.



“The average incident of downtime is reported to cost over US$500,000 and can extend to millions of dollars per minute”

If the true measure of business continuity is lost revenues, then no segment is more at risk from the loss caused by an outage than the finance sector. Even a minor outage in this segment runs to millions of dollars lost, with attendant reputational damage.



“The average cost of a power outage in a Hospital is reported as US$900,000 per event”

Hospitals present a significant business continuity challenge. Patient morbidity and mortality are directly impacted by service outages. Evacuation, in some cases, is impossible. In pathology laboratories lost revenues due to an outage are significant, and the perishable nature of samples may require patients to re-attend collection centres. In radiology facilities power failure may result in lost data, and expensive damage to critical machinery including MRI installations.


Awareness of relevant and specific threats to your business.

Actionable intelligence: take action to mitigate threats.

Prevention is far less costly than recovery.

Asset Protection, Life Safety and Enhanced Business Continuity.


Enhanced situational awareness

Receive trigger alerts when possible threatening activities are planned near your business. haloIQ allows users to define a virtual boundary, or ‘halo’, around their facility.

Risk identification & mitigation

Prevention through actionable intelligence. haloIQ provides awareness of relevant and specific threats to your business and allows you to take action to mitigate the risk.

Improved uptime, asset protection & life safety

Outages in telecommunications and retail can exceed US$6,000 per minute. Preventing an incident prevents the consequences of an incident, safeguarding life and property.

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