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PelicanCorp Talks Emerging Ticket Processes, Automation, and Digital Workflows

IRVINE, Calif., April 17, 2023 -- PelicanCorp, the global leader in the damage prevention industry, is scheduled to take part in multiple panel discussions at the 2023 Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Conference and Expo, April 17-20, at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida. The annual CGA Conference is a premier event for damage prevention stakeholders to share knowledge, data, and the latest developments in underground asset protection technologies.

The CGA Conference is one of the world's damage prevention flagship events. The CGA is the national association dedicated to protecting underground assets as well as those who work and live near them. The Expo provides an opportunity to network with industry decision-makers, owners, managers, and C-suite executives. It provides a chance to learn from the industry's best and preview emerging technologies in the field.

"We are dedicated to sharing the latest developments in technology, workflows, and processes we've seen implemented around the globe within our industry," said Duane Rodgers, CEO, PelicanCorp. "While we're all excited by new technologies, our focus continues to prioritize safety, as well as efficiency, for everyone within the underground asset damage prevention industry."

At the 2023 Conference, PelicanCorp will be presenting on two panels:

Advancements in Ticket Technology and Process, featuring Duane Rodgers, CEO, PelicanCorp

Forward Thinking in Automation and Digital Technology, featuring Jason Manning, Business Development Manager, PelicanCorp

"PelicanCorp is committed to the development of new technologies to prevent damages to underground assets, optimize workflows, and improve safety," said Denny Michael, Chief Marketing Officer, PelicanCorp. "Collaboration among our peers is vital at this time as North America sees a rapid growth of projects and investments to our infrastructure."

The CGA Conference and Expo exists to facilitate the education and networking needs of attendees by integrating CGA committee meetings, industry-leading speakers, thoughtful education tracks, and discussion groups. Established in 2000, the Common Ground Alliance is dedicated to preventing damage to underground utility infrastructure, while protecting those who live and work near these important assets. Saving lives and preventing damage to North American underground infrastructure by promoting effective damage-prevention practices is its primary goal.

Registration is open for the 2023 Common Ground Alliance online at

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