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PelicanCorp Joins NULCA to Enhance the Protection of Underground Assets

Nulca Represents Underground Utility Locating Professionals in North America

Orange County, California – June 17, 2021 PelicanCorp, Inc. today announced they have joined Nulca, North America’s foremost organization representing underground utility locating professionals. Formerly known as the National Utility Locating Contractors Association, Nulca created the Competency Standard for training utility locators, which has become the industry guideline and basis for accreditation. PelicanCorp is proud to join Nulca, improving access to crucial information with cutting-edge technologies in locating and marking underground facilities before ground is broken.

“We are excited to have PelicanCorp join our North American chapter,” said Ron Peterson, Executive Director, Nulca. “Having PelicanCorp as a vendor/sponsor will provide valuable information to our members about the latest technologies they can access and utilize to ensure the safety of underground assets.”

The Nulca Accreditation/Certification program, established in March 2016 through a partnership with NSF, enables locators to provide proof of their consistent training standards and training delivery methodology. NSF International is an independent global organization that creates safety-based risk management solutions and verification standards. Nulca works closely with other associations and organizations around the world, including the Common Ground Alliance (CGA), to prevent utility damages while promoting safety and enhanced communication.

“Nulca’s Accreditation program is the recognized standard in North America, from the individual technician to the largest company,” said Denny Michael, Chief Marketing Officer, PelicanCorp. “We’re proud to work with them to deliver a premier set of solutions and services to industry professionals, including end-to-end call center facilities, for essential infrastructure protection.”

PelicanCorp joins a diverse group of Nulca members, including contract locators, in-house locators, pipeline companies, private locators, SUE contractors, vacuum excavators, regulators, one-call systems, manufacturers and suppliers, and many others. The common goal of Nulca members is to identify and validate industry best practices to enhance safety and prevent damages to underground facilities and utilities.

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About Nulca

Nulca was formed in 1994 by several contract locating companies to advance locating throughout North America. In 1996, Nulca published its first Competency Standard for training utility locators. This guideline has since become the industry standard and is now in its fifth revision. It serves as the basis for the Nulca Accreditation/Certification program, rolled out in March 2016 through a partnership with NSF, the industry leader in safety-based risk management solutions and verification. Learn more at

About PelicanCorp

PelicanCorp is the Global Leader in Damage Prevention Solutions built specifically for the protection of essential infrastructure. PelicanCorp connects people, applications, and devices through a unified platform to help industry professionals manage risk and build quality projects—safely, on time, and within budget. PelicanCorp has a diversified business model built on 40 years of experience protecting billions of dollars of global assets. PelicanCorp is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices and operations around the globe. Learn more at or follow PelicanCorp on LinkedIn.

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