Digital Cadastre Modernisation
by PelicanCorp

September 6th, 2022

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM – Melbourne Time



All of our property parcels are being digitised.


Victoria is the first state in Australia to take a state-wide integrated approach to improving property boundaries.


The number of Vicmap products we are improving to make sure we have true data and more accurate boundaries across Victoria.


The number of days saved to update Vicmap when submitting a new plan and survey electronically

Victoria's Digital Cadastre Modernisation and the potential impacts on Before You Dig

What is your organisation doing to ensure the reliability of information shared to users of the Before You Dig Australia service?

Join PelicanCorp, DELWP, and some Victorian Utilities to learn more about the Digital Cadastre Modernisation project and its impacts on your organisation.


The Victorian Government is investing $45 million to bring the authoritative map of Victoria's property boundaries into the digital age, ensuring that one of the state's most important datasets is accurate, modern and easily accessible.

This project will enhance the locational accuracy of VicMap and is key to ensuring it provides the digital infrastructure Victoria needs, both now and into the future. These changes have the potential to require Utilities that have aligned their network records to previous versions of the VicMap cadastre to review the relative accuracy of their data post the changes being rolled out.

What will you learn by attending?

  • A deeper understanding of the DCM project and its benefits
  • Understand the impacts and timelines of the project
  • Hear how Victorian Utilities are planning to manage this change
  • Gain some insight into how this change potentially increases the risk of infrastructure damage caused by misaligned or inaccurate asset information used for Before You Dig Australia.

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