PermitAccess provides direct access for ‘Excavation’ and ‘Non-Excavation’ permit applications. For Excavation permit applications PermitAccess combines and automates the processes of submitting a One Call ticket and applying for a Permit when the intended work site is in the road corridor. When requiring a Non-Excavation permit CorridorAccess provides an automated application and approval process consistent amongst Permit Authorities.


STEP 1: Applicants generate their asset location request via the regions One Call service for excavation works. If the dig site falls within the road corridor for a participating Permit Authority a permit application is also generated. For those who require Non-Excavation permits the participating Permit Authority will direct the applicant to the CorridorAccess site to apply. This site generates and manages non-excavation permit application requests exclusively.

STEP 2: During the permit approval process Applicants and Permit Authorities can exchange documents such as Terms and Conditions, photos and Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) as well as view/edit progress of the permit application. Approval documents can also be provided.




Be notified of all excavation works within your road reserve without being reliant on applicants to approach you.


Configure PermitAccess to suit local permitting requirements and business workflows.


Automated workflows mean reduced resourcing requirements for processing and approving permit applications.


Permit Authorities can generate reports on applications as required.


Be notified of all excavation works that may require a permit.


Applicants can pay for their permits online.


Complete history of all permit applications and audit view recorded.

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Permit Authorities can view the accurate location of each permit application in a map window.


The ROAD CORRIDOR is the land that extends from the boundary of one property to the boundary of the one directly opposite across the road. The Road corridor includes the nature-strip and footpath, as well as the road.

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Excavation Applicants

Contractors using a One Call service for asset plan locations can now automatically have permit applications delivered to participating Municipalities & Permit Authorities. Contractors can view updates on the progress of their Permit applications, as well as documents and messages from the Permit Authority.

Excavation activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Digging, drilling, or resurfacing
  • Doing any activity that will alter, or cause to be altered, the surface of the road corridor
  • Placing any pipe, duct, pole, cabinet or other structure below, on or above the road corridor
  • Building a new driveway or installing a new storm water drain that leads into the road corridor
  • Performing maintenance work on any essential infrastructure


Non-Excavation Applicants

Sometimes activities and works that are not excavation in nature require a permit.

Anyone planning to limit access to any part of a road corridor (including footpath or nature-strip) can apply to the relevant Permit Authority for permission via their website links to CorridorAccess.

This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as:

  • Holding an event, protest or parade that affects vehicle or pedestrian traffic 
  • Construction loading zones
  • Placing a skip/bin or container
  • Putting up a temporary scaffolding (mobile or fixed)
  • Using or parking machinery such as cranes, cherry pickers and water blasters
  • Applying for a full or partial road or footpath closure


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