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- Western Canada – Thursday 14th February 2019 -

PelicanCorp today announced the unified operations of the Before You Dig Partners (BYDP) across Western Canada have gone live with the OneCallAccess software solution. In one of the most significant advancements for One Call operations in Canada’s history, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba have aligned their operations onto the SaaS OneCallAccess platform developed and operated by PelicanCorp.

PelicanCorp worked directly with BYDP to configure the SaaS OneCallAccess solution to meet their specific requirements and newly combined business rules. Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba focused on collaboration and unification to revolutionize the process for One Call across Western Canada.

The BYDP transition team worked tirelessly in partnership with PelicanCorp to ensure they achieved the goals set out for each region. At 8pm MST on Thursday the 31st January, BYDP switched on the newly customised OneCallAccess system and began accepting new locate requests via the web site .

"At the risk of over-simplifying our role in the damage prevention process, One-call / Notification Centres receive locate requests, process them and notify our members of digging activities near their assets. Varying procedures to achieve the same end, and Notification Centre duplication in every province, is no longer necessary - particularly today. OneCallAccess has allowed Before You Dig Partners to achieve its shared vision of One System / One Approach; streamlining the damage prevention process and improving the experience for users and members", said Mike Sullivan, President of Alberta One-Call Corporation.

“The initial concept was one that made sense: align processes across the Western provinces to provide efficiencies and eliminate redundancies which ultimately would provide a more user-friendly product for members and users alike. That was the easy part! After realizing the many individual provincial regulatory requirements, member nuances, three provincial time zones, and an entirely new PelicanCorp software platform, the implementation team had a daunting task. This team met that challenge and continue to drive through to success. Thanks to everyone's continued commitment, we will realize our goal” added Chris Hyland, President of BC One Call.

“From vision to implementation, this was a great opportunity to collaborate with the other provinces, understanding their processes and working with PelicanCorp to build a software program meeting “all users” needs. I’m very excited with the opportunities going forward and how this fills an integral role moving forward in automating the “request to locate” process.” said Robert Morrison, Damage Prevention Coordinator, Manitoba Hydro.

“PelicanCorp are excited to be in collaboration with the Before You Dig Partners during this time of significant change in the Canadian One Call market space. We are cautiously optimistic that to date it has been a great and relatively smooth transition that is going well. We are confident that the coming weeks will bring with them stabilization of the system and the processes for all stakeholders.” Said Duane Rodgers, CEO, PelicanCorp.

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