Online collaboration solution to share, plan, schedule and forecast public and utility works.

WorksAccess is the meeting place for Utilities, Municipalities and Road Authority works.

What if your organisation could access and share road works information with other Utilities?
What if all this information was displayed visually on a map?
What if you could nominate to be automatically informed of when a schedule or location conflict occurs with your projects?

WorksAccess provides online access to registered public works from Utilities and Main road owners and Municipalities.

In planning and coordinating your public works project a number of issues may face your organisation. In managing and maintaining public infrastructure having visibility on the activities of others working around these arrests becomes critical. The issue is how do you share this information, how do you enable asset owners to share and exchange information about public works activities easily.

WorksAccess is an online service for asset owners and businesses charged with maintaining the assets to share, plan and schedule forecasted and planned public works.

Users of WorksAccess can upload capital works plans, and query works from other organisations to gain visibility on opportunities to collaborate and share planned works.

WorksAccess provides a centralised framework for the storage, sharing and querying of short term and long term projects.

WorksAccess brings together all parties involved in Public Works with the aim of reducing the number of road openings, reducing the cost involved in road openings and improving the ability to schedule works.



View, Share, Compare and Reschedule Public or Utility Works

WorksAccess provides an online map view of registered works from Utilities and Municipalities. Each registered job contains specific details about the organisation carrying out the works, their schedules and the nature of the works to be carried out. Mapping provides a high level overview of all works and allows users to quickly navigate to jobs which require attention or consideration.



Be regularly updated on new works or changes to existing works

Get direct insights into the long range plans of other organisations which may impact your plans or provide opportunities to reduce costs. WorksAccess allows each user the opportunity to get the full picture of public works and be alerted when changes to plans occur.
With direct access to other organisations capital works programs and schedules, you will be able to consider your own plans, reschedule your works or negotiate with other organisations with respect to their schedules. WorksAccess provides the best place to start for planning and design with every project.



Upload, Update and Edit Registered Works

WorksAccess provides a range of interfaces to upload your works plans into the system. Every job can be updated, edited and closed off when completed. WorksAccess will change when your plans change, providing new opportunities to communicate with Utilities or Municipalities on each other’s plans. The online interface offers full control over all your registered works, notifications or alerts arising from those works.



Collaborate and Communicate with other Utilities and Municipalities

WorksAccess is the first meeting place for collaboration on any public works. Instant notifications and alerts arise when opportunities for coordination or collaboration are presented or when projects have been updated or edited. Gain understanding for who is planning works and when they are planning, make contact with the people responsible for the project. WorksAccess is the first place to begin negotiating a good result for the Municipality, the Utility and the public.



Security of your information is the key

WorksAccess can also protect you from competitors. Each registered user can decide the level of access any outside organisation has to your information preventing possible competitive advantage you might have. Each user nominates the levels of privacy or security required on the data fed into WorksAccess.


WorksAccess also provides significant benefits to the community and to the longevity of public assets, particularly roads including:

Elec Towers


  • Reducing the amount of road openings by providing greater visibility to Road Authorities and Utilities of each other’s work schedules;
  • Improves the level of coordination on public works between Utilities, municipalities and major road owners;
  • Greater visibility on schedules to aid in better decision making and planning;
  • Provides opportunities to share the cost of street openings with other utilities;
  • Improves public perception of maintenance works by Utilities.
Water Spout


  • Enables the rescheduling of re-sheeting works until after major Utility works are completed;
  • Reduces the number of road openings;
  • Extends the life of a road asset.


  • Reduced impacts on road works;
  • Improved services;
  • Reduces the costs involved in maintaining public roads.