Full featured Automatic Ticket and Response Management service for your Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) enquiries

Damage to assets caused by third parties can be costly. Service interruptions impact the customer and may involve time consuming repairs, insurance and litigation. DBYD notifies your organisation when work is being performed around your assets, but how do you respond? Responding to large numbers of asset location enquiries can use up valuable time and resources. PelicanCorp provides a comprehensive automated and exception handling service to directly respond to contractors on your behalf, all within minutes.

Elec Towers


  • Vast configurable capabilities designed to protect your essential infrastructure of any type, such as electricity, gas, telecommunications, water or council
  • Tailor the response to meet your business rules, based on the assets identified within your own GIS data and/or information received from DBYD. TicketAccess will handle your requirements whether there are high or low risk assets, or proposed assets
  • Flexibility to decide the style and content of a response based on the risk to your assets. This can include changing map types, cover letters, document attachments and much more
  • Hosted service, you can choose whether to use our GIS MapProxy feature to link directly to your GIS system via web services, or provide GIS files if web services aren't available to you
Water Spout


Customers of TicketAccess Hosted are able to access the best technology solution without requiring any software to be implemented or requiring staff training. Completely managed by PelicanCorp within our secured cloud environment, TicketAccess Hosted provides you with a "no worries" service. All you need to provide is a sample of your preferred response (letter, plans and other documents), a connection to your GIS or GIS files, and PelicanCorp takes care of the rest.

Having visibility on excavation activity around essential infrastructure can still be accomplished via our secure online activity report or by being included in all responses delivered from our TicketAccess Hosted system.

Customers require:

  • No Software
  • No Hardware
  • No Expertise


Customers of TicketAccess On Premise are able to access the best technology solution. An On Premise solution for those Asset Owners who want full processing control with the added benefit of multiple workflows. Completely managed on your premises by yourself within your own secure cloud, TicketAccess On Premise provides you with a "no worries" service. All you need to provide is a sample of your preferred response (letter, plans and other documents), a connection to your GIS or GIS files, and we take care of the rest.


  • Exception handling is performed by internal staff
  • Advanced and Customised Reporting Services
  • Unlimited sets of Response Templates
  • Unlimited implementation of Business Rules


  • Reduced DBYD process costs
  • 24/7 response management
  • Flexible configuration
  • Support for multi business units
  • Delivery of high quality maps
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Enquiry archiving
  • Exception handling
  • Flexible large area workflow
  • Capability to use flat GIS files
  • Acceptance of WMS and WFS GIS feeds
  • No staff training required
  • No software or hardware costs
  • Secure cloud environment