A Cloud based service that automatically collates utility responses from DBYD requests into a single pack.

Users of PlanAccess can download their DBYD responses as a single communications package with a single click. This single package of information can then be shared easily within their organisation while not filling their 'inbox' with large volumes of DBYD responses.

Frequent users of the DBYD service have constantly struggled with the need to manage the individual asset location responses received from the utilities and asset owners. The number of responses (including maps, plans and instructions) and the large file sizes mean that asset location plans can be misplaced, are not widely available to access or fill up the requestor’s inbox quickly.

How can PlanAccess help?

The advantage of PlanAccess is that electronic asset location responses from the utilities and other asset owners are transmitted to PlanAccess instead of the directly to the requester.

PlanAccess then aggregates the responses into job Packs, a collection of all responses from all utilities for a specific job request. When all responses have been received the requestor is notified that their Pack is ready for download – all with one click. The responses are available to all PlanAccess members of the Requestor’s organisation – no need to forward multiple emails. Requestors can also monitor the status of their request and its responses at any time via the dashboard interface.

PlanAccess Benefits

  • Plan responses don’t fill up requestor email in-boxes;
  • Plan responses are stored securely in the cloud;
  • Users can share utility responses with their team or others in their organisation;
  • Users can reduce the overheads of having multiple teams submitting the same request - do it once and share many times.

PlanAccess Features

  • Fully integrated with the beforeUdig service;
  • All electronic responses sent to single repository;
  • Plan responses are collated automatically;
  • Plan response Packs can be downloaded as a single entity;
  • Users can see other jobs submitted by their company through PlanAccess.
*subject to permissions.

PlanAccess Screens

Screen1 Image

Various PlanAccess Screen examples