A fully managed One Call Operations Management solution for e-Ticket and Call Centre operations; built using a unique mapping platform enabling the most accurate ticket capture of any solution on the market....

Tailor your Authorities response to meet your business rules, based on your assets identified within your own GIS data and/or information received from DBYD....

Users of PlanAccess can download their DBYD responses as a single communications package with a single click. This single package of information can then be shared easily within their organisation....

CorridorAccess provides an online portal to process Non Excavation Permitting requests that allow Permits to be granted to access road Corridors like Highways, Motorways, Main Roads, minor roads, parks, waterways and Rail lines....

WorksAccess provides an online portal to process future Road Opening Requests that allow Essential Infrastructure Authorities to Plan & Co-ordinate Corridors Access between other like Road Controlling Authorities...

"We are excited to be bringing out this innovative range of Solutions for investors in Essential Infrastructure. The technology involved in automating and streamlining process' within Utilities and Municipalities has been a big challenge but the set of solutions we have available Globally today is leading edge".

Duane Rodgers, CEO PelicanCorp

Our service suite has been designed and built around the network and asset design and construction process.



Deciding where to place new or modifying existing essential infrastructure requires access to drawings and details of existing infrastructure.



Having access to detailed drawings & GIS locations to assist with the implementation of Essential Infrastructure works; designing & redesigning new infrastructure networks.



Bringing together the right people from each of the affected parties, this includes Essential Infrastructure asset owners and contractors.



Providing a meeting place and an information sharing portal for Essential Infrastructure asset owners and road corridor contractors to implement road works agreements and schedules.


During the physical process of building the new network or set of infrastructure having access to accurate and timely plans from each utility could save contractors money and save your assets.

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