Corridor Access


CorridorAccess provides an online portal to process Road Opening Notices that allow access to Corridors like Highways, Motorways, Main Roads, minor roads, parks, waterways and Rail lines.

These corridors have primary uses, and during the planning and coordinating of events there needs to be a coordinated approach to closing and maintain safety around these corridors.
Whether you are planning a street party, marathon, public event in a park, non excavation activities like manhole inspections, pole replacements or requiring full access to these areas for excavation activities, then CorridorAccess allows visibility and coordination with the local Road/Rail or Park Authority.

Traffic Controller


There are two components of CorridorAccess

Excavation Corridor access requests and Non-Excavation corridor access requests

Doing any activity that will alter, or cause to be altered, the surface of the road corridor; Performing maintenance work on any essential infrastructure; Placing any pipe, duct, pole, cabinet or other structure below, on or above the road corridor

Used by people holding an event, protest or parade that affects vehicle or pedestrian traffic; Placing a skip/bin or container on the roadway; Temporary construction loading zones

Project Manager


CorridorAccess allows you to lodge your Corridor Access Request (CAR) for all non-planned excavation activities in the Road Corridor. This includes Retrospective CAR’s, Events, Provisional and any other activities that require a CAR to be submitted to the relevant Road Authority. CorridorAccess works in conjunction with DBYD to provide a total service for those working in and around the road corridor.

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