Water Utilities

For all of those industries that have responsibilities and ownership for the movement of water and associated services within the road corridor. This includes all essential infrastructure assets placed within the road corridor. PelicanCorp has solutions to assist you manage and look after your essential infrastructure.

Solutions made for the water industry

Tailor your Authorities response to meet your business rules, based on your assets identified within your own GIS data and /or information received from DBYD....


WorksAccess is an online service for asset owners and businesses charged with maintaining the assets to share, plan and schedule forecasted and planned public works…

Solutions for Water Utilities

Water Utilities
Water Tower

Why PelicanCorp?

  • PelicanCorp is a global company focused only on Asset Protection
  • PelicanCorp enables Water companies to gain access to OneCall directly – there is no need to deal with another supplier
  • PelicanCorp provides end to end support capability – we can deal with the response in its entirety
  • PelicanCorp has proven robust hosted solutions supporting very large clients – up to 55,000 plan responses per month
  • PelicanCorp supplies automated solutions to water companies globally
  • PelicanCorp operates an independently rated service centre with very high customer satisfaction results – this is the face of your organisation when there are queries
  • PelicanCorp has been awarded multiple awards by GITA (Geospatial Information & Technology Association) for the past seven years
  • PelicanCorp is the supplier of choice to :
    • 75% of Water companies in Australia
    • 73% of Electricity companies in Australia