GasNet Limited (New Zealand) joins TicketAccess

'Go Live' Announcement

GasNet Limited is responsible for providing a range of natural gas network and metering services in the Whanganui, Rangitikei and outlying regions of the North Island in New Zealand. A relatively small player in the context of the total New Zealand market, their network business encompasses the management and operation of network infrastructure assets comprising approximately 400km of mains and 13,000 service pipes.

Becoming a member of the beforeUdig service and automating responses via PelicanCorp’s TicketAccess hosted solution has enabled GasNet to free up human resources previously committed to manually providing plans of its asset information. By adopting the automated TicketAccess solution GasNet is able to maintain the high quality of information provided to contractors and other persons working around its assets, whilst eliminating its dependency on staff to process asset information requests within what are often extremely demanding response timeframes.

As Neville Edwards, Asset Information Services Manager said:“GasNet was excited with the prospect of having its plan responses automated and the delivered product has not disappointed. PelicanCorp managed the transition professionally and has worked with GasNet to achieve an outcome that provides significant benefits in the provision of its asset information and in freeing up people resources that would be otherwise engaged answering and responding to enquiries.”

Hastings District Council (NZ) improves business efficiencies with TicketAccess from PelicanCorp

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Hastings District Council (NZ) have successfully improved their business efficiencies by automating the beforeUdig response process through the use of PelicanCorp's TicketAccess hosted solution. Through the combination of membership to the beforeUdig service and automation via TicketAccess, Hastings District Council have achieved a standardised internal protection process for their ‘three waters’ assets - water, wastewater and stormwater. Automation has resulted in faster response turnaround times, consistently accurate data and eliminated any previous manual handling further reducing the costs incurred by Council.

As Brett Chapman, Water Services Manager at Hastings District Council points out:“the beforeUdig system streamlines our asset data and location service replacing what was a very manual and time consuming process. Relevant information is now provided directly to applicants on a consistent basis for all but the most complex of projects where staff are still able to assist."

Horizon Networks NZ commence use of PelicanCorp's TicketAccess to automate their beforeUdig response plan creation process

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Horizon Networks NZ are now using TicketAccess as part of their asset protection and safety program to automatically generate response plans to beforeUdig enquiries showing all of their electrical infrastructure. By streamlining and automating the previously manual process, Horizon Networks have improved their response turn-around time, reduced effort required by resources and ensure a consistent message is being provided to protect the public when working around underground cables.

As Scott Lillas, GIS/CAD Manager at Horizon Networks points out:“The main drivers to implement the TicketAccess solution at Horizon Networks were: 1. To provide a quick response service to beforeUdig inquiries promoting a safe, compliant working environment 2. To automate the beforeUdig map production process to free up staff time to continue working on other projects 3. To improve reporting and audit capabilities of cable location inquiries. TicketAccess complements our existing beforeUdig and Horizon Networks cable locate service. Please refer to for additional information.”

City of Prospect are now responding to all DBYD enquiries automatically with PelicanCorp's TicketAccess

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Through the use of PelicanCorp's TicketAccess hosted system, South Australia's City of Prospect have turned their once laborious manual DBYD response process into an entirely automated workflow. TicketAccess has enabled City of Prospect to now determine if an enquiry is impacting various asset infrastructure types, create an appropriate response and deliver a plan package within minutes, providing greater public awareness resulting in reduced risk of damage to Council's assets and a significant savings on resources.

Greg Georgopoulos, Director Infrastructure Assets and Environment from the City of Prospect added: “The TicketAccess system has resulted in a fast and effective way for the City of Prospect to respond to ‘Dial before You Dig’ Requests. Requests are received, analysed and responded to instantly, improving customer service and satisfaction.”

Gippsland Water upgrade technology with TicketAccess, integrating their GIS web services directly to improve DBYD response and efficiency

'Go Live' Announcement

Gippsland Water, who have been utilising the PelicanCorp technology since 2009, have successfully upgraded to the latest TicketAccess solution for a higher level of automation to their DBYD enquiry response process. Gippsland Water opted for the upgrade to enable higher quality map responses as TicketAccess leverages directly off their corporate GIS system via web services. TicketAccess now provides Gippsland Water a standardised asset protection process, delivering faster response turnaround times and more accurate data to enquirers by correctly identifying personnel who need to be contacted before commencing any excavation works.

This provides a drastically reduced risk of exposure and damage to their essential infrastructure asset types, including electrical, water and sewer. The upgrade has brought Gippsland Water in line with using the latest technology available for automation of the DBYD response process.

LinesearchbeforeUdig takes home the 2016 NJUG Award

Press Release

LinesearchbeforeUdig (LSBUD), the UK’s free to use online search service, powered by PelicanCorp's OneCallAccess product, and provides utility asset information, have been awarded the 2016 NJUG ‘Avoiding Damage to Underground Assets’ Award at the prestigious National Joint Utilities Group (NJUG) event held on the 16th November at the House of Commons.

The award category called for organisations who are taking all reasonable steps to ensure damage to underground assets is avoided. The LSBUD submission “Increasing the accessibility and visibility of buried services through a single portal” highlighted the free to use online portal that allows any individual to check their site for the location of assets owned by over 50 members. The service helps prevent damage and disruption to the UK pipe and cable networks, processing over 1.6 million enquiries per annum. The LinesearchbeforeUdig service fully supports and demonstrates the ‘NJUG Vision for Street Works’, providing excellence in the delivery of street works.

PelicanCorp CEO Duane Rodgers said:“This achievement really highlights the excellent service LinesearchbeforeUdig is providing to ensure the underground assets of the UK are protected. Congratulations to the team on the deserving win”.

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City of Mandurah saves time and reduces risk with PelicanCorp TicketAccess software

'Go Live' Announcement

Western Australia’s City of Mandurah have greatly improved the quality of information and increased public awareness for all works in and around its essential infrastructure. By becoming a member of the national Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) service and automating responses to DBYD enquiries via PelicanCorp’s TicketAccess hosted solution, City of Mandurah have reduced the risk of damage to council owned assets protecting not only the assets themselves, but the community members working around them. The TicketAccess software solution from PelicanCorp is automating the response process, saving Council staff time and resources from a manually laborious task.

Doug Bartlett, Coordinator Asset Management – Technical Services from the City of Mandurah added that “The implementation by PelicanCorp was quick and effective. We are already receiving 50 automatic responses per day, which helps us with the long term management of our infrastructure. Just preventing one damaged pipe will save us the years’ worth of cost for the combined DBYD service.”

City of Canada Bay innovates protection of infrastructure

City of Canada Bay continued to increase its underground electrical network and was experiencing rapid growth in the number of enquiries received following their membership to the national Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) service in 2000. It could no longer continue with the resource heavy manual process and was in need for an automation solution.

City of Canada Bay opted for PelicanCorp's TicketAccess solution to efficiently automate their response service on all asset types including stormwater drainage, non potable water supply and underground power, allowing excavators to avoid damaging underground assets.

TicketAccess as a solution has minimalised almost all manual efforts required for responding to DBYD enquiries and completely streamlined the process. It has also implemented greater protection to its ever growing network of assets by providing accurate and detailed information to those submitting DBYD enquiries.

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TransurbanGroup QLD partner with PelicanCorp and Go Live with TicketAccess solution automating their Dial Before You Dig enquiry responses

'Go Live' Announcement

The QLD chapter of Transurban Group have achieved successful automation of their responses to Dial Before You Dig enquiries through the use of PelicanCorp’s Ticket Access hosted solution. Protecting essential road infrastructure assets including QLD’s Go Between Bridge, Airport Link and Clem 7, the automation for Transurban resulted in faster turn-around times and streamlined processes, ensuring the continued protection to the states key assets and efforts to keep QLD moving!

Technical Officer for Assets at Transurban QLD Luke Carnovale said that “We have found PelicanCorp to be very helpful and timely throughout the development of the TicketAccess process. We look forward to working with PelicanCorp in the future to develop our ‘Dial Before You Dig’ responses.”

Western Power Distribution improve safety with LSBUD

To protect its networks, Western Power Distribution were seeking an online solution that would deliver plans to users within minutes of a digging request being placed. Western Power Distribution also needed to completely automate responses and produce a full audit trail for each request and response.

Western Power Distribution opted for membership to the national LinesearchbeforeUdig (LSBUD), a UK service which is powered by PelicanCorp's OneCallAccess product, and implemented the LSBUD Hosted Plan Response automation software to deliver the Plan Response service for all Western Power related asset/plan enquiries.

As a direct result of the partnership with LSBUD, Western Power Distribution have successfully automated response processes; reducing response times for requests and most importantly increasing safety in the field.

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